Pikachu holding a soyrizo hot dog, 2012.

Harold from Harold and Maude, 2011.

A drawing of me at a party, 2012.

Sushi, 2011.

Triangles, drawn on the A-train and in a Starbucks, 2011.

A rebellious baseball player, 2011.

My friend Harrison Bucy, 2011.

Get deep, 2011.

A clown, 2011.

Marlboy, 2011.

Geometry, 2011.

Man, 2011.

Mega-Lo, 2011.

Calhoun, 2011.

Free Taylor, 2010.

Lou-cha, 2012.

Drawing of a bear my mom sewed when I was in infancy, 2012.


This is a small sample of how things can get a little unsavory in my personal library.