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By far the most badass looking (and sounding!) ts9 circuit you will ever see!

We’ve taken the tube screamer ts9 circuit and tweaked a few things:

  • More low end via input cap change, our version doesn’t suck out the meat in your tone.
  • LED clipping foot switch swaps the stock silicon diodes with 3mm LEDs which slightly boosts the circuit AND adds a little more “gruff” to it. These LEDs are mounted to the enclosure inside of the eyes of the monster so you can see them light up as you play!
  • We’ve added a toggle switch to swap the 2 resistors in the output buffer between those in the ts9 and the 808 version of the circuit. These 2 resistors are the only differences between the 2 versions which allows you to essentially have two pedals in one.
  • We’ve also added a 2nd toggle switch that boosts the amount of gain you can get out of the pot so you can make it sound even nastier!

(taken from website)
The Toke Machine, is a ballsy vintage fuzz with octave switch.
Thick and meaty fuzz tuned with heavy guitar AND bass in mind, you can control the pedal through 3 pots -> Volume, Tone, Fuzz; an LED clipping toggle that lights up the fire in the church and adds even more thickness to the tone, and an octave foot switch which brings on a chaotic sounding octave up tone on top of it all.

We’ve added more bass in the tone stack and input caps to give this effect a very bass friendly sound. If you keep the tone knob all the way counterclockwise you can get massive low end along with the effect. As you turn the tone knob up it will thin out your signal and w/ the Octave switch on will create an almost lo-fi, up octave, ear shredding sound!

(taken from website)
Finally a delay pedal here at Abominable. We’ve combined a great sounding delay with a built in boost so you can play sick lead parts that cut through and also have one of the most wanted modulation effects too! You can accomplish anything from soft and pretty delay tones to dirty/crunchy dark reverb sounds.


HITS: Control the time between repeats. Crank the knob up high and get big echoes or turn it down for a spooky reverb-ish sound.

GHOST: Control the amount of echo, from subtle and almost non existent to a very deep large room type of sound. Turn this knob all the way down to use the pedal as just a boost. This knob is also very interactive with the FDBK knob so experiment!

FDBK: Control the amount that the repeats are fed back into the input signal, crank it up along with the ghost knob to get crazy oscillations of noise that you can manipulate using the HITS pot.

LOAD: Control the level of the boost.

TOGGLE: Flick it up for a brighter & nastier tone!

(taken from website)
The “Don’t Shred on Me” is our variation on the very popular Rat pedal. We’ve made things simple and based it on the original schematic (including LM308 chip!) with a few tweaks such as 3mm red LEDs for distortion clipping, and a couple NOS silver mica caps. The result is a nasty sounding blanket of dirt to add to your bag of tricks, aka pedal board.

(taken from website)
The Abominable “Hail Satan” muff is based on the infamous Big Muff circuit but is tweaked in a way that has built an entirely new monster. A lot more crunch and metallic overtones make it unlike anything you can buy off the shelf at your local music store.

In addition to the normal Volume, Tone, and Sustain controls, we’ve added an additional control for the Mids. This allows you to add a much fuller sound to the tone of the pedal.

Also, we’ve added a second foot switch that when engaged will switch from the stock silicon diodes to a louder and crunchier sounding 5mm Red LED diodes in the distortion clipping. Not only does this put the effect into full on “hail satan mode” audibly, but the eyes of the goat head will also light up red with the actual LEDs that are in the circuit. As the intensity of your playing increases the eyes will light up to match.


I’ve been designing a series of guitar effects pedals for my friend Patrick Ryan’s company Abominable Electronics. He is a true wizard. These are built from the ground up by his hands, including the screen printing. If you’re interested in a quality boutique effects pedal, please support this man.